Roopdhara Industries has been delivering quality dyes intermediate in some of the world's largest and most quality conscious markets for nearly two decades.

Our group company Raj-chem is mainly in import. We import raw materials for our products which we manufacture and export.

Roopdhara Industries as a reputed organization engaged in the manufacturing & export of  dye intermediate.


Roopdhara Industries
has different manufacturing facilities in the highly industrialized district of Gujarat, which is also the chemical hub of India.  Easy availability of raw materials make our manufacturing operations successful.

Roopdhara Industries Has set up its excellent fundamental through the continuous utilizing of advanced technology and modern equipments together with computerized management system. The production plant consists of four departments namely R&D, Production, Quality Assurance and waste treatment.

All the divisions are headed by qualified and highly experienced professionals whose dedication and hard work have always been there behind our success.

» Quality Management :

Roopdhara Industries  is committed to serving the growing needs of a global marketplace and continues to develop strong relationships with international partners and customers.

The collective wealth of experience of the research and development personnel in the fields of production, quality control, formulation, development, marketing and sales, augurs well for our future.

Roopdhara Industries has assembled an innovative and highly experienced team to design and manufacture its products.
With professional experience averaging more than a decade, the core members of our team are well versed in all aspects of manufacturing .

Roopdhara Industries continues to invest important resources toward innovation of products  and improvement of facilities. We strive towards innovative technology development, establishing strategic alliances with key vendors, a firm commitment to providing rapid response customer service and long-term product support to maintain leadership within the chemical industry.

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